Compost Right in Your Kitchen!


Did you know that you can make compost right in your kitchen? I don’t know about you but I love to recycle and use everything I can so I use the Bokashi composting method for recycling our kitchen scraps that can’t go in our traditional compost like dairy, breads, and meat scraps. Bokashi is a Japanese word that means ‘Fermented Organic Matter’. It is a pleasant smelling, bran-based material made with a culture of Effective Microorganisms (EM), which help to ferment your food waste and act as a compost activator.

The Bokashi Kitchen Compost System we carry at Food and Thought allows you to transform ALL of your solid food waste into nutrient-rich compost! With this system, you can compost raw foods, cooked foods, meat, fish and cheese even prepared foods like leftover pizza.

You can use the compost to add nutrients to your garden and house plants!

– Produces no unwanted odor
– Does not attract vermin, pests or flies – the Bokashi bucket has an air-tight seal
– Small and compact, so it will fit neatly in any kitchen
– Meat, fish and dairy products can be composted quickly and safely
– Can produce garden ready compost in as little time as 6 weeks
– Improves the soil structure in your garden
– Beneficial micro-organisms produced help to decontaminate the soil from harmful pathogens and pollutants
– Plants will be healthier, have fewer pest/disease problems, and produce more when grown with Bokashi compost
– Properly diluted Bokashi juice can be used as a liquid fertilizer for your plants

Help reduce your carbon footprint by recycling and reducing the food waste that would normally go into the trash and end up at the landfill! Come on by and start your kitchen composting system today!