Mornings With George

There are many Thoughtful People that make this place go, but in those early hours, there is one in particular who warms our hearts and fills our tummies. His name is George.

“Before I came to work at Food & Thought, I owned my own business,” says George, in-between omelets. “Café Europa, located in Tin City from March 8th, 1978 to March 8th, 2008—30 years to the day.”

Wow. No wonder those omelets are so good. We ask about how he ended up at Food & Thought.

“I knew Frankie for a long time. When I owned my restaurant I bought all my produce from Oakes Farm on Davis Blvd, and we became friends. We would load up my corvette (at the time) with all of my groceries and then sometimes we would hang out and have a couple beers.”

What we wouldn’t give to enjoy a couple beers with Frank right now!

“A few years after I had sold my business and retired, I had done enough diving,” George explains. He likes to dive. And boat, and motorcycle. He’s just cool like that.

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“I told my wife I was ready to open another business. She said if I opened my own business, she would divorce me because she knew how stressful it was for me. After that, I talked to Frankie, and he asked me to help improve the breakfast at Food & Thought.”

George also likes to cook when he’s at home, too.

“When family and friends come to visit, I always cook. I can cook 50 things at one time. When I used to own my restaurant, some days I would make 1,000 eggs for breakfast.”

Doesn’t it get old, all that cooking? No. Not for George, and especially not at Food & Thought. He’s like so many of the people around here. For us, this place is so much more than where we come to work. George describes it perfectly.

“There are people here that can leave their problems at home when they come to work and be friendly anyways. Especially Jamo, Amber, Freedom… the ones who have the spirit of Frankie. Because Frankie was one of the nicest people I’d ever met in my life.”

And as for that part about filling the tummy: we ask him for his secret. Come on, George. Tell us what makes a great omelet. Without giving too much away, he tells us exactly what we already know to be true.

“Good ingredients,” he smiles. “And the best ingredients are here.”

2 comments on “Mornings With George

  1. Susan Ribeiro

    May 13, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    Food and Thought forever changed my life for the better. Will always remember my friends there and the laughs, ginger shots, and profound education about the importance of eating organic whole foods .

    You all have been a blessing in my life.
    See you soon friends,
    Sue Ribeiro

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! It’s so nice to know about your special experience with us.

    None of it would be possible without friends like you.

    Take care


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